About Advduo (Duo Business Limited)

Advduo Brief

Duo Business Limited an advertising and marketing management company that operates in providing business solution to it's users in various ways of which Advduo is one such. Duo Business Limited is owned by Samuel Sullivan an enthusiastic online marketer and an entrepreneur who has a lot of experience in managing marketing solutions. Advduo will be the finest product of all the similar competitors that have been in the marketing field. The features and amenities that Advduo hold are loads on high compared to others.

How it all began

Advduo is a very huge project that is being developed since late 2016. Advduo development has undergone a very large number of phases. All the finest and advantageous features are put together in one platform that's Advduo. Hard work and dedication is the only thing that has brought Advduo to a production level campaign. Behind this project, a large number of developers have worked and are still working to make it better to best day by day.

Advduo's Future perspective

Myself Samuel, I personally believe in long term sustainability is the only key to success. Hence Advduo is a platform that is going to ever last until the Internet remains. Let me justify this in a very simple way.

Taking PTC or HYIP as an example, I'm aware on how these systems works. PTC or HYIP works on one thing similar. That's admin money pool! Members who pay or invest in a PTC website will request a payout after certain amount of days which is of course greater than his investment. Same happens with the HYIP scheme. But Advduo being a unique platform is designed in such a way that there is no such thing called admin pool. Any payment that is being made in the platform is directly between member to member. No payment is held by the admin. Hence admin doesn't own any debt or owes any money to it's fellow members. Moreover to be extra precise, Admin behaves like a normal user just like others. So this has made Advduo one of the most promising feature for it's everlasting success and an insurance that Advduo will never turn Scam at any instance.

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